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Welcome to Noah’s Ark, business class!

Choose a partner you can rely on in every situation to be by your side 100 percent of the time. An experienced navigator to guide you safely around cliffs and through rough waters. Someone who takes precautions in calm waters, who checks the sails and the rigging so that storms and tides won’t threaten you. Someone who can be your scout, your captain or even the builder of your new ship. Bruestle wants to be this partner for you. Because we offer you safe passage into entrepreneurial success and do not leave you standing alone in the rain. Because near by the sun is shining and we can show you where.

May I introduce myself?

My name is Dr. Michael Bruestle. With a doctorate in mechanical engineering and masters degree in business administration I have been working for a long time on the successful optimization of business and technical processes. My independent and world-wide management consulting firm, founded in 1991 as technology consulting for the automotive and mechanical engineering industry, today caters to numerous renowned enterprises in the fields of production and service in the public sector all around the globe - in Europe, America and Asia

What can we do?

Bruestle puts you on the right track to a successful entrepreneurial future in a qualified and goal oriented manner in the following areas of expertise:

How do we differ from the others?

There are many tasks that require top management attention. We act according to this philosophy. Therefore I am your main contact in all situations that concern fundamental changes in your organisation. Whenever the task requires it we are able to provide you with highly qualified experts whose competences exactly fit the specific requirements. This will guarantee you the performance that you need to be successful and creates a secure foundation that will prove itself trustworthy even in extreme situations.

The need for qualified consultation does not always adhere to regular business hours. Therefore we offer you a flexible partnership and are constantly available. Whenever you need us we are there. If you do not need us we will still be on standby and available on short notice. This way you’ve got the security of having a competent partner on demand who speaks your language and knows your business in all the important aspects.

Bruestle does not just manage problems, Bruestle finds pragmatic solutions. Because our goal is clear: We want to solve our dedicated tasks in the most efficient way possible and beyond that meet the highest quality standards. Our customers describe this approach as constructive and goal-orient. This positive rating - which reflects itself in a high rate of conversion and follow up orders – is confirmation and incentive for us to lead your enterprise on a steady and successful course. And with results whose effectiveness can be proven in black and white.

Welcome on board!